Monday, 19 July 2010

Steve J Yoni P

突然好想講下呢個品牌,其實我之前唔認識呢個品牌的,係最近係亞徐既liger website度睇到,而且一見就愛上左佢地既衫,所以就即刻上網望一望佢地既資料..原來佢地係london既時裝新貴,而且仲要係亞洲人(韓國人),所以更加覺得有驚喜,不過近年韓國時裝都十分"潮",大家對韓國既時裝都有一定既信心,而且價格比歐美便宜,最o岩我呢d窮窮地既時裝精嫁喇..好再多加介紹下呢個品牌啦.

佢地係兩位一男一女既韓國人組合...佢地畢業於英國Central Saint Martins College and London College of Fashion. 而且仲榮獲British Fashion Council's New Gen Awards. 所以都唔惹小嫁..其實都要好多謝亞徐同Dorothy 既liger store,因為佢地令到我認識左好多不同既外國新進和一些少接觸的品牌,因為通常香港人大部份都係多數只認識一些比較大既品牌,例如: Gucci, Prada, LV,Chanel, Miu Miu...等等...近呢年因為佢地而認識多左...好多,好多..好正既品牌...攪到我對時裝更加有興趣呢 :)

以下係Steve J & Yoni P 既英文詳細介紹 from vogue uk

23 July 2008

SHORLISTED for the British Fashion Council's New Gen Awards and graduates of two of London's most renowned fashion colleges, Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, Steve J and Yoni P are a fashion duo to know about.
"Our style is modern and quirky, with joyful colour combinations. Pleats, manipulation and intricate cutting elements are key details," explain the designers, who have shown during London Fashion Week for the past three seasons and have already created a capsule range for TopShop.
While their autumn/winter 2008-9 collection was all about layered ruffled dresses and clean cut trousers, for spring/summer 2009, it's all about architecture and the fine arts.
"We looked at architectural structure to explore the sculptural and three-dimensional garment. Orange, pink and blue form the base palette for the collection, with silver and gold as accent colours," they confide.

Steve J & Yoni P

以上是最新collection,係liger 有售,我都急不及待收工要去買喇..keekee

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